framingBased on current steel and lumber prices, steel framed home construction cost is comparable and often less than wood framed homes.

Steel Framed homes can be built on various foundations and can be finished with any material available for the exterior: stucco, brick, vinyl, etc. The interior can be finished with drywall, wood panel, etc. The completed home is indistinguishable from a wood framed home.

Steel Framed homes are 40% - 60% more efficient than most wood framed homes. The depth of the steel exterior wall studs provide a wider space for insulation, enough for 9" (R-30) insulation factor. Most wood framed homes use 2" x 6" or 2" x 4" outer wall studs (R-9 or R-11 insulation factor respectively). Besides significantly lowering the energy bills, the extra insulation creates greater sound proofing creating a quieter and more comfortable home.

Because of the superior quality construction, you can expect to see a 40% or more savings on insurance premiums for a steel framed home.

Steel framing utilizes panelization construction methods. Panelization is the assembling of the building components (walls, floors, roofs) in a controlled manufacturing environment.

Steel framing offers several other advantages over wood construction including:

  • Time - Framing can often be completed in one day.
  • Labor - fewer labors are required for less time.
  • Warranty callbacks due to structural issues associated with seasonal movement of framing members are virtually eliminated.
  • Saving on waste haul off costs.
  • Insurance savings.
  • Significantly less waste.






Affordable Cost  check  check
Wide Range of Styles  check  check
Energy Savings check  
Constant Quality check  
Clear Span Construction check  
Minimal Aging & Maintenance check  
Minimal Build Time check  
Termite Proof  check  
Fire Resistant  check  
Hurricane, Tornado Resistant  check  
Earthquake Resistant  check  
Lightning Resistant  check  
Minimal Scrap & Waste  check  
Recycled & Recyclable  check  
Qualifies as a Green Building Material check