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  • Why build with steel? +

    Steel framing is cost effective, light in weight, easy to handle, energy efficient, and manufactured under strict quality control guidelines. Steel framing is resistant to tornados and hurricanes, termites, earthquakes, lightening, and virtually non-combustible. Light gauge steel is made from recycled steel and creates much less scrap and waste during construction. The steel is also recyclable.

  • Will a steel framed home look different from other homes in a community? +

    No. Your steel framed home will look just like any other home. The same exterior finishes can be applied to a steel framed home as those applied to a wood framed home.
  • Does steel framing interfere with radio and television reception? +

    No. Waves pass through the spaces between the studs of your steel framed home, allowing the use of all household electronics without interference.
  • Will steel framed homes rust? +

    No. The use of zinc coating on the steel framing protects your steel framed home from corrosion for the life of the structure.
  • Is it easy to hang pictures on steel framed walls? +

    Yes. Lighter pictures can be hung in your steel framed home from the drywall with toggle bolts or hangers. Heavier objects are hung with screws attached directly into the steel studs, which are easily found with a magnet.
  • Is a steel framed home safe in lightning storms? +

    Yes. Your steel framed home actually protects your family in case of a lightning strike by providing a path for the lightning to the ground, which reduces the likelihood of severe damage.
  • Can a steel framed home be remodeled? +

    Yes. Your steel framed home allows for larger spans in the design of the home, reducing the necessity of interior load-bearing walls, making renovations easy and allowing more flexibility in design.
  • Is a steel framed home resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes? +

    Yes. The strength of steel provides greater protection against earthquakes and hurricanes. Steel framed structures can be designed and built to withstand winds of 150 mph or more.
  • Is steel more environmentally friendly than wood? +

    The environmental impact of steel frame over wood is significant. Using steel reduces construction waste and deforestation. An average sized wood framed home requires at least 40 trees to be cut for framing, while the framing for a typical steel-framed home can be made from six recycled cars. Because steel framing is both recycled and recyclable, it is not only a cost-effective choice - it is a responsible choice for the environment. With a minimum of 25 percent recycled content, steel can be an important addition to any project where sustainable construction and design are a critical requirement. Steel is 100 percent recyclable, it is the most highly recycled material - more than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic combined. Each year, North America recycles nearly 68.7 percent of all steel scrap.
  • Will my insurance premiums increase? +

    No. With steel's excellent performance record in earthquakes and storms and because it is non-comustable and not affected by termites, home insurance costs less.
  • How much flexibility do I have in choosing a home? +

    Infinite. A virtually unlimited variety of home sizes are offered from 800 square feet on up. We can even work with your custom home design.
  • Can I build on a slab, piers, pilings, or add a basement? +

    Yes. Steel framed homes can be built on a slab, on piers, pilings, or over a basement.
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