Steel framing has the flexibility of Clear Span Construction eliminating the need for interior load bearing walls.


    Light gauge steel framing remains one of the strongest, most durable and economically manufactured materials.


    Structures built with steel look better, perform better, and provide a safer environment.


    A steel framed building is: Safer than wood in a fire Structurally stronger and can be designed to withstand winds up to 155 mph Termite resistant Environmentally sound
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  • Less Waste

    Fully designed and pre-engineered plans with far less job site waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for wood).
  • Custom designs

    Your custom plans pre-fabricated and delivered to your jobsite. ready to frame your new home.
  • Stronger and Safer

    Structures built with steel frame, will be a stronger, safer building with the potential of lasting indefinitely.
  • Building "Green"

    All steel framing provides true "Green" construction framing and is 100% recyclable.
  • Here to last

    Steel Framing is non-combustable, non-toxic, termite, insect, and rodent resistant.
  • Strong

    Steel posses the highest strength to weight ration of any building material being utilized today.
  • Straight & Square

    A steel framed building will always have straight walls and square corners.
  • Stands up to wind

    Steel framed structures have a much lower probability of sustaining damage from earthquake or wind.
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